Book #3 ~ Five Brothers Series *Coming Soon*

Book #3 ~ Five Brothers Series *Coming Soon*

Tate ***Coming Soon ***

Here’s a Tate Teazer: (18+) Adult Content (18+)

The following except is strictly meant for Adult Audiences. If you are easily offended by strong language or explicit sexual content then please do not read the following text.

Jasmine had always been sensitive to her surroundings, especially when she slept. The minute someone entered her room she was roused enough to know she wasn’t alone. Sometimes she wished she could turn it off, but she’d been like that ever since she was a child and still had no idea how to ignore it.

She heard the shower turn on, she’d lain in the bed trying to calm herself while surrounded by Tate’s natural spicy scent. It was on the sheets Jasmine covered herself with as she’d settled in. She’d inhaled deeply the aroma of danger when her head first hit the pillow. She’d fallen asleep to erotic dreams of what it would be like to lose herself to a man like Tate.

With the door slightly ajar, she found herself unable to resist the temptation of seeing Tate in all his naked glory. Jasmine quietly tip-toed over to the door and peaked through the gap. She could see in the mirror above the basin, his magnificent reflection as he went about the business of washing all those bulging muscles. Her pussy ached when she saw he was sporting a massive erection. God he was huge, part of her brain said don’t be crazy that would never fit. The other part of her brain the part revving up her libido into overdrive was saying the theory needed to be tested for scientific reasons.

Without consciously knowing what she was doing she snaked her hand down the centre of her body, under the elastic of her panties. She allowed it to hone in on her girly bits that were now on fire.

She felt the adrenalin spike in her system and knew it must be how voyeurs got off. It was from the high risk factor from being seen, of getting caught with your hand in the cookie jar. She parted her slippery lower lips and circled her swollen bud. A shiver ran down her spine at the prospect of getting caught. That thought was completely forgotten when she watch his large hand circle his enlarged shaft. Her hips involuntarily began to ride her fingers up and over her button in perfect rhythm with his strokes.

God she felt depraved. Her thighs began to shake as her impending orgasm rode closer. She put one hand on the door jamb to steady herself as her breathing became rampant, her knees nearly buckling from the intensity of the ache in her hollow cave. She turned her head slightly to cushion her noises with the back of her hand. The side of her head nudged the door a fraction and she exploded in ecstasy as Tate opened his eyes and met hers in the mirror.

His nostrils flared and he was moving at an unnatural speed, she squeaked and ran for the cover of the bed. As she landed he pounced on top of her, he growled like a wild untamed beast. The harsh lines on his face indicated he was not happy about her intrusion.

Houston ~ Book #1 ~ Five Brothers ***AMAZON BEST SELLER***
Felan ~ Book #2 ~ Five Brothers ***AMAZON BEST SELLER***

Tate ~ Book #3 ~ Five Brothers ***COMING SOON***


Book #2 ~ Five Brothers Series

Book #2 ~ Five Brothers Series

Felan is a shy, but handsome computer geek. What he can’t do with a computer, simply cant be done. When his brothers relocate to Queensland Australia from the USA to make a fresh start, he decides to go with them. Give him computer forensics, program design, research (hacking), and he’s got it covered. But when he sees Elizabeth Crane celebrating with a group of friends, she ignites an uncontrollable fire in his blood and he is left to figure out how he can use his skills to track her down and make her his own.

Elizabeth Crane would give anything to avoid going out to celebrate a friends birthday. She’s not into the clubbing scene, but no-one would have foretold how one night out with the girls would change her life…..forever.


Book #1 ~ Five Brothers Series

Book #1 ~ Five Brothers Series

Houston and his brothers are looking for a fresh start, can they make a go of it with ‘Five Brothers Security’ in Queensland, Australia. Houston an ex-federal agent meets Cameron a police detective that has just transferred back into the area. The two join forces to work a difficult case. Is it possible there could be more than meets the eye, Houston is tall, dark, handsome and cursed.

Cameron is a strong independent woman, she’s had to fight hard to get her detectives shield in a male dominated world. should she trust Houston to help her with the case that could make or break her career.

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Morpheus’s Dream

Book #3 Dutiful Gods Series

Book #3 Dutiful Gods Series

Morpheus is the Lord of Dreams, he’s bored and lonely. He knows that his brothers Destiny and Destruction have found their happy ever after within the human realm. When he controls the sleeping world, can he find the one female that stands out above all others in time to save your sanity?

Cheval is a part time Graphic Designer and part time Artist, who uses her dreams to inspire her creativity. What happens when she finds the perfect man in her dreams, can a women get too much sleep when it’s in the arms of a tall, dark, stranger?


Taming Destruction

Book #2 Dutiful Gods Series

Book #2 Dutiful Gods Series

Destruction is the master of his realm, the creator of Natural Disasters from erupting volcano’s to raging tsunamis, shattering earthquakes and devastating hurricanes.

Megan is a woman who has already lost everything, her mother, her father and the man she loved, the man she was supposed to spend her life with. Megan now stands to lose anything she has left, her family home and her mothers craft shop. There is a cyclone, hovering off the coast, getting closer and closer by the minute.

What will happen when Destruction meets Megan, will he destroy her too?

Can Megan see past Destruction’s duty, to see the man behind the damage and ruin he causes. Will Destruction let Megan close enough to see their is more to him than meets the eye. ‘Taming Destruction’ is the second book in the ‘Dutiful Gods Series’.

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